About Alpin Fountain Systems - Download Presentation Catalog

Origins of Alpin Fountain Systems date back to 1990s. Since its foundation in 1989, Alpin Fountain Systems increased its production rates rapidly and achieved great success in the field.

Alpin completed big projects involving prestige fountains, water shows and always provided the best systems as a company principle. Systems that Alpin constructed have been still working and exist as a good example for other companies. Some of these companies are doing the maintenance of these systems.

Alpin installed a fountain with 100 metres height at the Mogan Lake in Ankara Turkey in 1997. It was the highest fountain in the world at the time it was constructed.

With its ablity to follow the changing technology, Alpin constructed many computer controlled Musical Dancing Water and Light Shows with the support of the big European and American Companies. Today, Alpin is still the leader of its sector in Turkey with its original designs, up-to-date technological units and proprietery fountain control software.