Motor Controlled Nozzles

Alpin Fountains' specially designed two dimensional and three dimensional rotating robotic nozzles are used especially in musical dancing fountain systems. Robotic nozzle rotation angle and speed are controlled with our computer software. Nozzles can be stopped at programmed positions. All motors and electronic equipment in robotic nozzles are waterproof with IP68 rating.

Bird Wing Nozzles
2D and 3D Robotic Nozzle
3D Rotational Nozzle
3D Rotational Nozzle Video
Underwater Pumps
Underwater Pumps

Underwater pumps are operated with the signal starting from the computer, through electronic control unit and electric panel. These pumps are special pumps for Dancing Fountain i.e. and they can be operated with a high on-off frequency. Pump motors are waterproof and roller bearing construction. Also pumps have filters at the suction end in order to prevent solid particules from reaching to the nozzles.

Main Properties of ALPIN Pumps Advantages
Double Suction Francis Type Impeller Axial Force on Motor Shaft is Zero
Radially Symmetric Volute Radial Forces on Motor Shaft is Zero
Direct Application to Motor Shaft Maintenance Free Construction
Low Water Level Requirement Applicable for Low Depth Pools
Coupled to Standard NEMA Motors Suitable for Every Standard Motor
High Efficiency, Low Operating Cost Minimum Electrical Cost
Special Motor Winding High On/Off frequency for dancing fountain
Electric Panel and Electronic Control Units
Electronic Control Units

Electric Panel contains electronic starters of pumps and lights, fuses, current spike cut off devices and manual control buttons for the pumps and lights. Computer sends signal to Electronic I/O Units and I/O units control the pumps, lights and motors.

Dancing Fountain Control Panel
Fountain Control Software

Our proprietary Windows based fountain software controls our pumps, motors and lamps. Sofware sends control signals to Electronic I/O Control Units and I/O units convert this to the appropriate control signal for pumps, motors and lights. In the case of musical dancing fountains, software also sends music signal to sound amplifier in sync with the control signal. Our software is easy to use. User can select the music he wants and create a choreography by choosing how fountain animates with the music. User can use the built in audio analyzer to see the high points in the music and program accordingly or he can program just by listening the music. Software is designed with high precision control for perfect synchronization.